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Let us help you bring your dream custom home to life in a beautiful and stylish ways. At HRE Built, we are one of Melbourne’s leading custom home builders. We have experience in creating gorgeous spaces that meet and greet the needs of the homeowners. With our team of expert and experienced luxury custom home builders, we assure to work according to your needs, space, and budget.

Let us handle your dream home and rest assured to get wonderful outcomes in a very short period of time. Our expertise includes building single-story, double-story, multi-story homes, homes on sloping blocks, and homes with basements.

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Our Custom Home Building Services

Design & Planning
Structural Changes
Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations
Electrical & Plumbing Work
Roofing & Siding Work
Window & Door Upgrades

Our Work Process

Every great work is a result of a meticulous process and we at HRE Built have a planned procedure to help you get the best custom home builds.


As you plan, so shall you reap. Planning is one of the most important parts of any kind of custom home building and we are the custom builders in Melbourne that offer special preference to this.

We have a team of expert construction planners who would offer you all the details of the work and would sit with you to plan things according to your space, requirements, and budget.


Following a helpful plan, we hit the designing path with the help of our proficient designers that have all the experience related to the industry. You can reach out to them with your ideas in the work and they would assist you with the same. Also, if you already have some designs relating to your luxury custom homes in Melbourne, you can offer these details to our designers.

Material Selection

After you have selected the design, the next step is to select the appropriate building materials. We make sure that every inch of the custom home we build on your space is with the material you approve. And this is why we take prior approval of the materials that you wish to use while building your home. Do not worry even a bit because our expert custom home builders in Melbourne will be with you at every step.


While we get your choice of designs and materials, we start with the construction process. Our experienced custom builders in Melbourne work according to the pre-approved plan and construct the most luxurious home buildings within your budget. Additionally, we provide detailed progress reports at every stage and make sure to finish the process within the stipulated time.

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Why Choose HRE Built For Your Custom Home Projects

When planning a custom home for you and your loved ones, you must have seen a few hundred websites and construction service providers already. You would have talked to some expert custom home builders in Melbourne as well. However, your search would see an end when you reach us at HRE Built. We are one of the leading custom home builders in Melbourne and could assure to offer you the best assistance because:

We Have Years of Experience

Experience and expertise matter a lot in construction and we are a team of experts that have years of experience backing their name. This is actually an assurance that your home and money are in the safest hands.

We Follow a Planned Process

As you would have seen above, we have fixed plans for every process and we make sure to work according to the plans. In case there is any change in the plan due to any reason, we ensure to take your approval and carry out the changes only then.

We Take Care of Every Material Used

At HRE Built, our focus is to build the highest-quality and luxury custom homes in Melbourne and this could be achieved only when we use the best grade of materials in construction. So rest assured because all the material we use is pre-approved by our clients and we never use any other material apart from what is planned.

We Take Care of the Deadlines

Good things take time to build. However, we would offer you a deadline for the completion of the project and would make every effort to complete the work well within the deadline. You will face absolutely no issues because of the delay in the process.

We Work According to Your Budget

At HRE Built, we get the information about your budget well in advance so that we can plan the process accordingly. We will make sure that your custom home gets built well within your budget.

We Assure Honesty & Transparency

Honesty and Transparency in our work are our absolute aim and these are the virtues that make us stand apart from our competitors. While we deliver you the best custom homes in Melbourne, we assure you that there will be no hidden costs or charges, or taxes in your final bill. What we agreed on in advance will be our final settlement.


Frequently Asked Questions

The broadest categories are volume home builders and custom home builders in Melbourne. What separates them is a personalized structure, peace of mind, and the amount of effort from your side.

When you choose custom home builders, you will be able to plan your home according to your needs and the kind of designs you want so that it looks beautiful enough.

Custom home builders will offer you more peace of mind because we will handle most of the work ourselves and you will not have to make any extra effort apart from approving the designs and the materials.

Generally, people believe that custom homes cost a fortune and this is why they are scared of contacting custom home designers in Melbourne. However, this is a misconception, and even when custom homes might cost you a little higher than homes built in volumes, we assure you that a beautiful custom home will always be a part of your budget.

Actually, you can talk to the custom home builders at HRE Built and offer them an idea about the budget you have. They will plan for you the best designs and make sure that nothing goes above your budget.

We already mentioned that good things need a little bit of time to get built. However, while you contact the experts at HRE Built, we assure to offer you a timeline, with plans and deadlines for every activity. There will be a final deadline as well and we assure to finish the work well within the deadline.

So rest assured that your gorgeous custom home will take very less time to get built and we ensure to keep up with the delivery dates as per our promise.

Generally, people do have designs and ideas about their custom homes, and while you are spending your savings on your home, we welcome every bit of designs and ideas that you have. We make sure to implement all that you need in the best possible ways and according to your budget. Your ideas, designs, needs, and requirements will definitely get thumbs up from us

Yes, your custom home in Melbourne will be absolutely in your budget and we assure you that we will plan out things according to the budget you have. With HRE Built as your custom home building partner, you are in the safest hands.

So your custom home is just a phone call away. Pick up your phone and talk to the most experienced custom home builders in Melbourne. Get timely services within your budget and get a dream home designed all according to your taste. Contact us now.


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